Sandalwood Vanilla Candle

Never burn with harsh and toxic chemicals again with these 100% pure soy wax candles. Hand poured in Byron Bay, Australia, candles are the perfect product to deodorize your indoor environment and provide a moment to unwind.

And maybe the best bit? You can purchase candle refills for the large size candle jars, meaning you can minimize your environmental footprint, while saving money on a new candle.


Sandalwood Vanilla contains a blend of orchid, jasmine and creamy vanilla. This softening touch will:

  1. relax you into sleep and relieve your anxiety
  2. lower feelings of aggression and irritability
  3. promote openness, compassion and peacefulness


Other important factors –

  1. Two sizes – large size (50 hours) and small size (18 hours). Please note, the refills are for the large size candles only.
  2. If you choose not to purchase a refill, don’t dispose of your empty jar recycle it instead!
  3. Each candle has a natural timber lid to protect your candle when you aren’t using it.
  4. Each candle is packaged in a box, so it’s the perfect gift for a loved one.



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