MR PUFF is a heart puff, original reusable makeup remover and face cleaner. The perfect product when you want to clean your skin without harsh ingredients in an eco-friendly manner.

Every morning and evening, MR PUFF will take your face cleansing from an errand to the perfect, quick self-care session. When you use MR PUFF, you will never have to worry about stripping your skin with harsh cleansers or wasting money on poor quality make-up wipes again.


Other great benefits of this product –

  1. The fibers of MR PUFF allows you to will reach into all the lines, creases and pores ensuring you cleanse properly and prevent congested and acne prone skin.
  2. MR PUFF is soft and can be used without any products making it suitable for sensitive skin and children.
  3. Reusable and eco-friendly which means you can save money while feeling good about doing your part for the environment.
  4. MR PUFF is compact size meaning he’s the best travel companion and you won’t have to sacrifice your skincare routine when travelling.


Each box comes with a set of three MR PUFF.


How to use:

  1. Wet MR PUFF with warm water.
  2. You can either apply your favourite cleanser OR use Mr PUFF by himself.
  3. Gently massage MR PUFF in circular motions on your face.
  4. Use warm water and MR PUFF to remove your cleanser and clean your face, then follow with your usual skincare routine.
  5. Can be used to remove make-up, face masks and cleansers.


Care: Hand wash or throw MR PUFF in the washing machine (warm wash only). Wash before first use.


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