Amethyst Crystal Face Roller

Say hello to the last beauty tool you will ever need! Why, because this Face Roller has everything you are looking for and more to help with reducing the signs of aging. Elevate your skincare routine with this Amethyst Crystal roller that will assist in reliving stress and soothing and balancing the skin on your face.

And when you’re already thinking “this is exactly what I’m looking for” – it doesn’t stop there. Amethyst Crystal can also:

  1. as a natural tranquillizer, amethyst assists with relieving stress and soothing the mind
  2. activates spiritual awareness and has strong healing and cleansing powers
  3. calms and stimulates your mind, making you more focused and increases motivation.



  1. Roll the cool stone in an upward and outward motion after applying your daily serum/moisturizer
  2. Suitable for use day and night
  3. Best results are achieved through prolonged and consistent use


Need more help with how to use – check out the K&U Instagram page for diagrams/videos on how to best use your roller.



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